In The Name of God The Compassionate The Merciful

In The Name of God The Compassionate The Merciful

The first forum of Tehran Province Sports Tourism Committee affiliated
to the Board of Public Sports was held two weeks before in the amphitheatre of
Tehran Province Sports and Youth main department in association with Basij
Athlets Organization.

This big forum was held with participation of advisor to the Sports and
Youth Minister, The related Basij Commander, Public Sports Board Director and
the Chairman of Tehran Province Sports Tourism Committe, Mr. Gholamreza
Abolghasemi along with other responsibles and athlets Mr. Ashuri was named as
an ICE MAN due to hitting the record of laying for more than two hours in ice
which shall be registered in Guiness Record Book in the very near future.

Similarly Mr. Hamid Gholizade holder of a number of records and titles
in different fields of stamina, breaking of hard materials and Martial arts was
appointed as the committees incharge for record making test in in fields of
physical preperation and martial arts.

I Mohammad Saeed Malek as a member of the central council and logistics
manager of the committee would like to indicate some of the aims and dimentions
of the committee such as conducting of important sports events including world
cup, olympics and regional competitions with an aim to putting the target
markets to use in tourism sector whether metropolitan or cosmopolitan. 

Attracting of foreign sports tourists to international competitions in
Iran could simultaneously lead to arrange a dialogue enviornment, organize
fairs and live programmes such as live concerts, art performance, etc. and
specially to setting-up of famous "Iranian Nights". This is an
appropriate method to familiarize the audience of host country in general and
those from guest countries in particular with the tourism attractions of Iran.
The same situation could happen for Iranians while performing the a.m. items in
overseas thus giving rise to an exchange and sharing of mutual benefits in all
aspects of tourism.

Iran Sports Tourism Committe is acting as a new phenomenon in promoting
active participation of different sport teams, participants and audience of
competitions at national and an international level as its not restricted to a
special language or custom and does include all cultures in it. This could be a
suitable platform to those countries who were unsuccessful in attracting
tourists and boosting their tourism due to special religious reasons and

At the moment Tehran Sports Tourism Committee is active in absorbing of
amateur and professional athletic resources esp.  in public sports and hereby welcomes
different categories of people in joining this tourism and sports phenomenon.

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